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Dear PAMA Members and Aviation Maintenance Colleagues,

We are trying to get a better understanding of the work performed by PAMA members and if there is a need amongst our membership for liabilty insurance.

We know that most PAMA members either operate your own full-time aircraft repair business or are employed by either aircraft operators/owners or by Part 145 repair shops.

If any of you have the occasion to perform aircraft repair work on a "part time" or "after hours" basis acting as an independent A&P mechanic you may not be protected by any Products Liability insurance usually covering you as you work on behalf of your employer .

PAMA is concerned that this free-lance work may make you individually liable in the event of a subsequent aircraft crash where it is alleged that your service work impacted the accident.

PAMA is having discussions with some leading aviation insurance underwriters to determine if we can economically create a PAMA Individual Mechanics Products Liability Insurance Program.

To help us assess the degree of interest in such a program and to provide underwriters with a sense of the exposures, we ask you to help by completing this information survey. Please feel free to forward this to others you feel might like to participate.

* 1. How often do you have the opportunity to perform independent aviation maintenance work?

* 2. On what type of vehicle is the work performed?

* 3. What type of aircraft might you be servicing?(check all that apply)

* 4. What is the average market value of the aircraft?

* 5. What is the maximum market value of the aircraft?

* 6. What are the estimated annual sales of independent work that you do or may perform?

* 7. How interested would you be in purchasing a liabilty insurance product to cover independent work?

* 8. What is the minimum liabilty coverage that would suffice your needs?

* 9. Depending upon the volume of the independent work that you do, what would you expect as an affordable premium for liability insurance?

* 10. If you would like to receive information on liability insurance should we decide to offer it, please provide your email and contact information here. Also, if you have any additional comments, please include your email as well.