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Your input will be used to help guide funding priorities for conservation projects in Strafford County.

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* 1. Are you a resident of Strafford County, New Hampshire?

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* 3. Below is a list of conservation topics. Please indicate whether you think each is of HIGH, MEDIUM, or LOW importance in Strafford County in 2016. 

  High Importance Medium Importance Low Importance
Soil Health
Wildlife Habitat Restoration
Invasive Plants and Insects
Open Space Preservation
Pollinating and Beneficial Insects
Soil Erosion
Air Pollution
Surface Water Quality
Sustainable Agriculture
Forest Management
Storm-Water Management
Wetland Conservation
Climate Change

* 4. Please describe specific conservation issues that you think should be prioritized by local conservation organizations (for example, reducing nitrogen in Great Bay, preserving farmland, creating habitat for New England cottontails):

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