1. Welcome to the 2016 Middle/High School Student Survey

100% of survey complete.

Please take time to complete the survey. Why? Your answers will help to make changes that will improve your school, your classes and your learning.

Make sure to complete the survey by March 18, 2016. Your input is confidential and the results are compiled via a secure website.

Take time to answer each question the best you can. Your input matters! Thank you.

NOTE: Throughout the survey, N/A means Not Applicable.

* 1. What school do you attend?

* 2. What is your current grade?

* 3. Please answer the following--one answer per row.

  Yes No
Do you stay after school for extra help?
Could you stay after school for help if you needed it?

* 4. Please answer the following--one answer per row.

  Yes No
Has someone from your school talked about your grades or test scores with you?
Do you have a computer CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET at home that you can use?
Do you have a quiet place to do your homework?

* 5. Has the school's counselor/advisor discussed the following with you?

  Yes No Not sure
Goal setting
What courses you should take
Graduation requirements
A-G requirements for college eligibility
Career planning

* 6. Have your teachers taught you "test taking skills" (strategies to improve on tests)?

* 7. In which areas does your teacher show you ways to improve your test scores? Mark ALL that apply. If you mark "none of these", do not mark any other box.

* 8. Please answer the following--one answer per row.

  About every week About once a month Every day A few times a year Never I don't take this subject
How often does the principal or other administrator come into your classroom?
How often does your teacher assign you work to be completed using a computer?

* 9. Please answer the following--one answer per row.

  Always Most of the time Sometimes Almost never Never N/A
Do you like your school?
Do you like going to school?
Do you feel safe at school?
If you do not understand something in class, do your teachers re-teach the material?
Are school rules enforced fairly for all students?

* 10. While doing work in class, my teachers: (mark all that apply)

* 11. Which of the following would help you learn more at your school? (mark all that apply)

* 12. Mark ALL that apply, or, "None"

  Math Language Arts Science Social Studies Electives None
In which subject(s) could you use extra help?
In which subject(s) are you getting extra help?

* 13. On average, how much time do you spend doing homework each night in the following subjects?

  15 min. 16 - 30 min. 31 - 45 min. 46 min. or more None N/A, I don't take this subject
Language Arts
Social Studies
Foreign Language(s)

* 14. How would you describe the following classes?

  Easy Just right Hard N/A, I don't take this subject
Language Arts
Social Studies

* 15. On average (for Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies), how is your class time spent? (mark one answer in each row)

  None at all A little time Some time A lot of time
Working by myself
Working in groups
Teacher disciplining students
Teacher helping us complete assignments
Teacher instruction
Doing activities (labs, debates, etc.)

* 16. I learn best when the teacher:

* 17. I understand what it means to be healthy.

* 18. I have the information necessary to make wise food choices. 

* 19. I regularly participate in physical activity.

* 20. Do you participate in sports or extra curricular activities?

* 21. What type of extra curricular activities do you participate in after school?

* 22. Would you be interested in after school fitness-related activities if they were offered?

* 23. In what type of fitness activities would you be interested in participating?

* 24. Using the space below, write what you think your teachers are doing well to help you learn.

* 25. Using the space below, write the characteristics or abilities your favorite teachers have that makes learning meaningful to you.

* 26. Using the space below, tell us anything else you would like us to know about your school, your teachers, your administrators/counselors and/or your experiences at your school.