Terms and Conditions

  • Approved presenters must meet minimum requirements as identified in Continuing Education Policies and Procedures. If any changes to a presenter’s eligibility or potential conflict of interest occurs during the licensing term, the Lamaze Administrative Office should be notified at least 30 days prior to the next scheduled workshop;
  • Approved presenters agree to use the curriculum as outlined in the Educational Planning Table to ensure that learning objectives are adequately addressed. No omissions will be made to the instructional content of the curriculum; curriculum updates and revisions and will be completed by an appointed Planning Task Force and any changes to curriculum will be communicated to presenters via e-mail;
  • Review the Continuing Education Policies regarding Specialty Workshops and follow all requirements as specified;
  • Workshops must be limited to no more than 20 participants;
  • Agree to use only pre-approved marketing templates or marketing materials that have been reviewed and approved by Lamaze International;
  • Acknowledge and agree that the instructional materials, including but not limited to the workshops’ curriculum, visual aids, support reference materials and other educational curriculum items are the sole property of Lamaze International, extended to the approved presenter/institution for use and controlled distribution. These instructional materials are not the sole property of any one person, entity, organization or group of individuals by right, authority or possession other than Lamaze International who gives notice that all rights are reserved.

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