* 1. What is your first name?

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* 6. I am interested in participating in the Insect Monitoring Network. (With this program, University of Illinois provides traps, lures, and protocols to monitor for the following insects. Cooperators are asked to place and check traps multiple times each week and then upload insect counts to the supplied website/program. Please select which insects you are interested in trapping for.)

* 7. I am interested in participating in the Illinois Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey program summer field survey. (With this survey, we are looking for 50 locations of corn and soybean fields across Illinois to conduct summer field surveys. Corn should be next to, across, or adjacent to soybeans. In addition to placing 3 insect traps near field edges, sweeps in soybeans as well as visual surveys will be conducted throughout the summer. All work will be done by the IL CAPS program. Survey will focus on western corn rootworm, soybean defoliators, stink bugs, and several invasive species on our watch list.)