World Consumer Rights Day Conference - Making Digital Marketplaces Fairer

For the occasion of the World Consumer Rights Day, internationally celebrated on the 15th of March, the Office for Consumer Affairs and the Technical Regulations Division within the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority will organise a half day conference on “Making Digital Marketplaces Fairer”.

The percentage of the world’s population with access to the internet has grown from 1% in 1995 to almost 50% in 2017. During the same time frame, e-commerce has grown to incredible proportions. Hence, it has become increasingly important to build a digital world that both consumers and traders can trust.

At the moment 49% of internet users do not shop online because they are afraid they might waste their hard earned money.  Thus, consumers need to feel safe, they need to know that they can trust that online retailers will charge them fairly and that should a problem crop up they will have access to an effective redress mechanism.

During this conference the obstacles and problems that both consumers and traders are facing will be widely discussed.

Another important topic the Conference will focus on is that of dangerous products that may be found online and how to ensure that the goods we consumers buy are safe. Useful tips on how consumers can avoid buying dangerous goods and what to do if they happen to purchase a dangerous product will also be provided during the conference.

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