1. Introduction

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We are conducting research on how Canada should prepare for avian influenza, which is also called bird flu. Experts are certain that a pandemic, which means a worldwide outbreak, will happen sometime during our lives and that this will likely result in millions of deaths.

By agreeing to take part in this survey, you are contributing to the process of preparing and planning for a pandemic. Even though the planning has started, many problems remain unsolved and a number of ethical issues have been identified.

There are 45 questions in total, and will require 15-20 minutes of your time.

It is important for you to know that by agreeing to this anonymous online survey, you are consenting to participate in our research study. Your responses will be combined with the responses from other participants. All of the responses will then be analyzed and reported in such a way that it will not be possible for anyone to identify the responses by any individual participant.

Let's get started!

* 1. How much of an impact do you think a Pandemic Flu outbreak will have on you and people you care about?

* 2. What should be the purpose of the pandemic flu plan in Canada?
Please respond to each of these alternatives, either STRONGLY AGREE, AGREE, NEUTRAL, DISAGREE or STRONGLY DISAGREE.

a. Saving as many lives as possible, IN CANADA
b. Saving as many lives as possible, GLOBALLY
c. Maintaining the social order
d. Protecting human rights
e. Preventing economic decline

* 3. If you had to choose ONE PURPOSE for the Canadian Pandemic Plan, what would it be?