Purpose of Survey

This survey is intended to compile statistics concerning the effectiveness of meetings in organizations.  The survey should be taken by those that attend meetings on a regular basis as part of their job.

This survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.


* 1. How many employees does the organization you work for employ?

* 2. What industry do you work in?

* 4. On a scale of 1-5, how productive are the meetings you attend in your organization on average?

* 5. Please select all of the following that apply to the meetings in your organization, on average:

* 6. On average, how many minutes are spent at the beginning of meetings setting up technology (conference line, projector, screen-sharing, etc.)?

* 7. Please select all of the following that apply to the action items from the meetings you attend, on average:

* 8. Please select all of the following that apply to the agendas of the meetings you attend, on average:

* 9. On average, which best describes the management of the meeting discussions by the meeting chairs in your organization:

* 10. Categorize the meeting attendee types that you may encounter in meetings on a regular basis:

  Never Encounter Sometimes Encounter Encounter Often Encounter Frequently They are in EVERY meeting
"The Filibuster" - they talk, and talk, and talk, and talk.
"The Parrot" - they just take what someone else says and say it again in their own words.
"The Multi-tasker" - they have to ask for the question to them to be repeated because they weren't paying attention to the meeting.
"The Ignorant Genius" - they give an opinion to everything whether they know anything about the topic or not.
"The Derailer" - they take the meeting down a rabbit hole into a discussion not related to the meeting topic.
"The Late-Arriver" - they come to the meeting late and ask questions about things that were already covered in the meeting.
"The Bad Communicator" - they are calling in remotely and can't be heard clearly for numerous reasons (breaking up cell phone, talk too quietly, talk away from the speaker, etc.)