We had a lovely time at the Repurposing Clothes workshop - sewing and chatting, reusing and recycling.  All the while learning new skills!
If you would like to be involved in a regular "Crafternoon" with a focus on reusing, recycling and repairing, please answer the questions below.

* 1. At the Crafternoons, would you like there to be a focus on particular skills or crafts?

* 2. What skills would you like to learn from someone else?

* 3. What could you show people how to do?

* 4. How often would you like to come to a Crafternoon?

* 5. What days / times would suit you?

* 6. Where would you prefer the Crafternoons were held?

* 7. Would you like to be part of a small group helping to organise these crafternoons?

* 8. Please provide your contact details.

Thanks! Let's see if there is enough interest and enthusiasm to get this happening.  Questions? Contact Michelle Towle michelle.towle@iinet.net.au