1. Grand Island Lions - Community Needs Assessment

100% of survey complete.

Initial survey Fall 2010 to determine Community Needs and assess the needs for consideration into the Service Organization's programs.

* 1. Participant Name:

* 2. What is your field of expertise? i.e. Education, Recreation, Health, Fire/Safety, Environment, Citizen, Elected Official, Government Employee, Business Owner, Religious or Other (Please Describe)

* 3. Are you currently a member of a Grand Island Service Club or Organization? Check all that apply.

* 4. If you are a member of a Service Club or Organization, does this club provide any services directed at the following:

* 5. What organizations in your field of expertise are currently providing programs and services to help the community?

* 6. Can you elaborate on any programs you may have mentioned in the last question?

* 7. Do you know what programs or services you think are needed in the community both presently and in the future?

* 8. Do you feel that residents are aware of the programs and services that take place in the community, and if not, do you have any ideas on how to make them aware?

* 9. Do you see additional roles for the Grand Island Service organizations to provide programs and services in the community?

* 10. Would you be willing to provide additional feedback like a follow up phone call, attend a meeting or a personal interview