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With the closing of the YMCA after School Care, Ponca City Public Schools is looking at the possibility of providing after school care for Pre-K and Elementary students. 

Below are some details.

·         Child Care would be on school days and would begin immediately after school.

·         If there are enough participants, each site would have a child care          center.

·         Students must be picked up by 5:30.   No buses will run, they must be picked up by parents or authorized person.

·         Cost would be $150-$175 per child per month.

·         Snacks would be provided after school

·         Once we determine if there is enough interest to move forward, more information and details will be provided.

·         The school will not be able to take DHS child care benefit cards.

We are in the very preliminary stages of planning.  Before making a final decision, we need to determine the interest we have in the program.  Please fill   out the information below if you are interested OR you can fill out a paper copy at your child's school.  

Choose the site your child/children attend.

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* 5. Please leave any comments or questions you may  have.  If you have a question , please leave a callback number. 

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