Post- Carnival Feedback

The following survey was created to capture masquerader, patron and participant feedback pertaining to 2016 Toronto Carnival Grand Parade. If you attended or participated in the carnival parade, we ask that you kindly complete the survey.

* 1. Please describe your participation in the Toronto Carnival Parade by selecting one of the following options:

* 2. Please describe your past participation or attendance at the Toronto Carnival Parade:

* 3. What did you enjoy most about the Toronto Carnival Parade?

* 4. In comparing your experience as a masquerader or patron at the Toronto Carnival Parade last year to this year, please select the areas you noted an improvement

  Yes, I noted a significant improvement Yes, I noted a minor improvement No, I did not note an improvement
The route
Order and flow of the bands
Communications describing the expectations of masqueraders, patrons and the public pertaining to the parade

* 6. Reflecting on your experience as a masquerader, patron or participant, please rate the following:

  Strongly Agree Agree Neither Agree or Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree
Marshals and security were easily accessible along the parade route
Police were easily visible and accessible along the parade route
Signage and information pertaining to designated areas (such as the assembly area, entrance, exit, or parade viewing areas) were visible or accessible
All persons on the parade route donned either a costume, wristband, media accreditation or Official/Marshal t-shirt
Washroom facilities were easily accessible
Approaching, crossing or viewing the judging point was a seamless experience

* 7. As a masquerader, participant or patron at the Toronto Carnival Parade, did you encounter or observe any inappropriate conduct or behavior? (ie. harassment or assault against women or men, disregard of designated areas, etc). Please describe

* 8. What did you least like about the Toronto Carnival Parade?

* 9. If you could offer one suggestion to improve or enhance the Carnival Parade what would it be?

* 10. Will you be attending or participating in the Toronto Carnival Parade next year?

* 11. In considering the utilization of 4ft fences along this year's parade route, what (if any) feedback would you provide as a masquerader or patron?

* 12. In considering your experience as a masquerader or patron, did you prefer the route with one stage and judging area?

* 13. Ensuring the safety of masqueraders and patrons is an important component to the Parade. In considering your experience at the Parade, how well did you feel the following interventions or personnel helped to ensure your safety 

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Not Applicable (N/A)
Rope used to secure the band
Band Marshalls
Band Security
Toronto Carnival Security

* 14. Did you feel the 4 ft fences were effective at improving the view of the parade and keeping stormers out of the band?