The Department of Staff Development & Nursing Research at Akron General is very interested in your evaluation of your students' clinical experiences at our institution. This evaluation considers elements of Relationship Based Care: (1) Self, (2) Patient/Families, and (3) Colleagues. This information will help us to understand how we might best meet the needs of your students and you as an instructor.
The following questions are about YOUR clinical students at Akron General.

* 1. School

* 2. Semester

* 3. Year

* 4. Level of Students

* 5. Please list your unit or units where you were assigned.

The following questions are about interactions with COLLEAGUES.

* 6. The Unit was well organized, had learning resources, to assist in (student) learning needs and provided opportunity for me as an instructor to allow my students to feel empowered and to take ownership of (student) learning experiences.

* 7. The nursing staff and other interdisciplinary team members were knowledgeable and helpful to my students' education experience.

* 8. Nursing staff were positive role models for my students.

* 9. Nursing staff were aware of course objectives and were eager to assist me in meeting student learning needs.

* 10. Ancillary staff members were eager to change their schedules to provide opportunities for our learning experience.

The following questions are about interactions with PATIENTS.

* 11. The level of patient care required was appropriate to students' level of skill and ability.

* 12. The patients/family were eager and willing to have students participate in their plan and delivery of care.

* 13. If you were to identify one nurse at Akron General who was very nice and helpful to you, who would it be?

* 14. Please use this section to comment on any other factors or suggestions that you feel we should be aware of: