2016 Physical Education Sports Awards Evening Questionnaire

This very short survey is designed for parents / students to highlight any significant achievements made in a chosen sport / activity this year. Whilst we believe we know the majority of sporting talent in the Academy there are many students who will not want to draw attention to themselves or make a big deal of their achievements and we might not know about a small number. We would invite all parents to make us aware of all sporting success whether you believe we know about it or not. The information will be used for our presentation evening but also to allow us to build a picture of the amazing sporting achievements of our students. 

* 1. What is your child's name?

* 2. Does your son / daughter participate in a sport / activity in or out of school?

* 3. What sport / activity does your son / daughter participate in?

* 4. What is the highest level he / she has participated at?

* 5. Please highlight any significant achievements by your son / daughter in their chosen sport / activity.

* 6. Would you be happy for us to use this information and potentially involve your child in our presentation event?

* 7. Any other comments you would like to leave for the PE department that would help us with our sports awards? This may be to even nominate other students or perhaps bring to our attention the work of a fantastic coach or volunteer?

* 8. If you don't mind could you please leave contact information in the event we need further information from you.