Thank you for taking a few minutes to fill out this survey. This will help out tremendously and will result in a more accurate idea of expected expenses. Many of the questions relate to events/support that have specific costs based on the # of participants. This will help avoid over/under estimating our class attendance and allow us to put the savings back in everyones pockets.

Actual registration will open the first week of June.

Justin Warnaar

* 1. Will you be attending this event?

* 2. Do you plan to attend the football game?

* 3. Interested/plan on attending a Thursday night social hosted at the hotel?

* 4. Interested/plan on attending a social (dinner/drinks/entertainment) hosted at Rocky Mountain Brewery on Friday (trans to and from hotel provided)?

* 5. Do you plan on attending a lunch (Thursday or Friday) hosted by the AOG?

* 6. Are you interested in participating in a golf tournament?

* 7. The Embassy Suites is going to be the primary hotel, do you plan on staying at the hotel?

* 8. We plan on having a professional nanny service available in one of the ballrooms at the hotel. Are you interested in this service?

* 9. Reunion will be from Thursday morning through Saturday night. What day do you plan on attending? (check all that apply)

* 10. Do you have any additional questions or comments?