Supervision Survey

NUPE is a strong advocate for supervision to be made available to staff working in the social services sector. The supervision policy is a focus area for change within MVOCT.

We believe that good line / managerial supervision supports the establishment of a positive line of communication between the staff person and the employer which may pre-empt any performance issues.

And we believe that professional / clinical supervision, cultural supervision and other types of supervision are tools that will allow for reflection on one’s practice and also promote the development of the staff person. This reflection and development will lead to strong and safe practice which will again pre-empt or minimise any incident that the union may then need to advocate for.
NUPE advocates strongly for a good and responsive supervision policy and will always advocate for the provision of adequate, appropriate and supervision for front line staff.

We are aware that the MVCOT supervision policy has had some amendment and attention as part of the new ministry Oranga Tamariki. NUPE is pleased to see Supervision getting some priority.  
NUPE is seeking feedback from members regards the level of supervision accessed and we encourage you to complete the survey / poll by following the link: This should only take a few minutes.

Thank you for taking the time to follow the link and take the poll. Any comments you make will be carried forward.


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* 1. What types of supervision do you access and how often?

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* 2. Does the supervision you access meet your supervision needs ?

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* 3. What types of supervision do you believe you need and how often?

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* 4. What comments do you have regards the emphasis on supervision in your office?

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* 5. What types of supervision do you access and how often?

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* 6. Additional Comments