No Place Like Home Questions and Comments

The purpose of this survey is to collect public comments on the No Place Like Home Program design.

The Public Comment Form contains blank comments fields, each on a separate screen.  On each page, please identify the area of the proposed regulations that you wish to comment on by selecting the applicable Section and Subdivision from the drop down menus. For comments of a general nature, please select N/A from the drop down menu and leave the other fields blank.

After entering your comment, you may advance to the next screen  by selecting "Next". You may select "Previous" to add to or edit your previous responses. Once you have finished entering your last comment, select "Yes" to reach the final screen. On the final screen, select "Done" and you will receive confirmation your survey has been submitted successfully.
Note: You must enter your contact information on the first screen to able to submit the form electronically, but you need not enter comments on all of the subsequent screens to complete the survey. If you run out of pages in Survey Monkey, submit your full set of comments via e-mail  or mail as set forth in the Public Notice for the proposed regulations.

The Department  appreciates your feedback and comments.

Thank you.