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Every place in the country has its own definition of culture and heritage, and Crewe is no exception.  Our strong history of mechanical and railway engineering should be seen and heard just as loudly today, as it was when Crewe was first established.  That’s what we hope to showcase as we improve and regenerate our town. 

Around that proud heritage, Crewe has built an enduring love of culture in all its forms.  People are taking part in dance, music and theatrical activities in huge numbers within our town. 

Alongside sport, cultural and creative activities are showing people of all ages where their passions lie.  Events such as Lumen have given us a chance to see Crewe in a fresh light and amaze visitors, and our stunning Lyceum theatre draws people from far and wide.  Young talented artists from Crewe are working their way to becoming established, nationally-renowned performers – each keen to nurture new talent and show the next generation how to create rewarding new career paths.  

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* 1. What cultural activities would you like to see more of in Crewe?

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* 2. What are your fondest memories of Crewe?

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* 3. Tell us the stories we should be celebrating about our town

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* 4. What kind of community gatherings should we be organising in future?

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