The IAHPC Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to palliative care professionals to attend educational events leading to palliative care integration in policies, improved care provision and access to essential medicines for pain relief and palliative care.

This is an ongoing program. Applications must be submitted to the IAHPC no later than 3 months in advance of the event's starting date, or the deadline set by the IAHPC.
The IAHPC Scholarship Program provides support to participate in regional and international conferences, workshops, congresses and events that are applicable to the cultural and social economic level of the applicant’s place of work. This program does not provide funding for tuition of formal degree programs or clinical placements.

This program funds travel and registration only. Applicants need to secure funding from other sources to cover additional expenses. 

Depending on your country of residence, the host country may require an entrance visa. Contact the embassy of the host country to inquire if you need one.
For those who request one, the IAHPC will provide a letter to the respective embassy confirming the scholarship, but the process to apply for a visa is responsibility of each grantee. Please consider this factor before submitting a scholarship application. 
In order for an applicant to receive a Scholarship, the event must be listed in the IAHPC Calendar of Events. If the event is not listed, please direct the event organizers to add the event to the calendar. Listing an event in the calendar is free.

Each scholarship applicant must:
  1. be a current IAHPC member. To join or renew your membership go to join/renew.
  2. have an active membership for the duration of the event.

Preference is given to applicants who:

- have not received an IAHPC grant in the past 3 years.
- have been IAHPC active members for two or more consecutive years.
- whose institution is listed in the IAHPC Directory of Institutions and Organizations.
- are living in low- or middle-income countries, as per the World Bank income classification data.
- are living in the same region/continent where the event is taking place.
- currently work full-time in palliative care.
- graduated university fewer than 10 years ago.
- have an accepted abstract for poster/oral presentation. (IAHPC will verify with congress organizer).
- describe in their applications long-term goals that lead to improvements in any or all of the following areas: service provision, education, availability of and access to medicines, and public policy.

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