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* 1. Which county do you live in?

* 2. How many miles do you commute to work daily (in one direction)?

* 3. How many vehicles are owned by your household?

* 4. How often do you use the following transportation modes?

  1 - Never 2 - Rarely 3 - Occasionally 4 - Frequently 5 - Very frequently
Personal Vehicle
Car pool/Van pool
Public Transit (DART, SEPTA)
Shared Vehicle Service (Zipcar, Uber, Lyft) 

* 5. Please rate the physical condition of the following facilities:

  1 - Poor 2 - Fair 3 - Good 4 - Very Good 5 - Excellent
Traffic signs and signals
Public transit
Bicycle facilities
Alternative fueling/recharging stations

* 6. Please rate your level of satisfaction with the following transportation elements:

  1 - Very dissatisfied 2 - Somewhat dissatisfied 3 - Neutral/no opinion 4 - Somewhat satisfied 5 - Very satisfied
Road or highway congestion
Road or highway maintenance
Sidewalk availability
ADA accommodations
Bicycle facility availability
Amtrak service
Park-and-Ride lot availability
Car-share availability
Winter snow removal
Public transit
Traveler information
Alternative fueling/recharging station availability

* 7. Do you feel the State’s transportation network provides you with more than one viable transportation choices?

* 8. If you use a personal vehicle, but would like other transportation options, what would encourage you to use those alternatives?

* 9. From the options below, please assign a rank from 1 (highest) to 6 (lowest) to each item indicating which should be DelDOT’s highest priorities. *Only use each number once*:

* 10. In your opinion, what are the major transportation challenges facing the state of Delaware and DelDOT?

* 11. Are there any other elements DelDOT should consider in the Statewide Long Range Transportation Plan?

* 12. If you wish to be added to DelDOT Planning's contact list, please provide your contact information below:

* 13. How do you prefer to be informed about DelDOT news, initiatives, and events (select all that apply)?

* 14. Optional Demographic Question - What is your age range?

* 15. Optional Demographic Question - What is your gender?

* 16. Optional Demographic Question - What is your race?

* 17. Optional Demographic Question - What is your annual household income before taxes?

* 18. Optional Demographic Question - How many adults (18+) live in your household?

* 19. Optional Demographic Question - How many children (under the age of 18) live in your household?

* 20. Optional Demographic Question - Do any of your household members have a physical or mental impairment?