The learning objectives for this session were:
1. Participants will leave with an understanding of the legislative history of the Wilderness Act as well as National Park Service policies regarding the stewardship of cultural resources in wilderness, which they can apply to their own projects as appropriate.
2. Participants will gain knowledge of concepts related to wilderness character.
3. Participants will enhance their knowledge about some of the current challenges associated with the preservation of cultural landscapes in wilderness areas through case study examples at Olympic National Park.
4. Participants will become familiar with historic preservation activities in wilderness areas that include natural resource concerns with case study examples from the North Cascades National Park Complex and possibly implement some of these activities in their own work, if appropriate.

* 1. Did the presenter(s) cover all 4 of the learning objectives?

* 2. If he/she did not cover all four, which one(s) were left out?

Please rate this session on the following characteristics:

* 3. I found the information in this session relevant.

* 4. I was comfortable with the pace of this session .

* 5. I was comfortable with the length of this session .

* 6. I was well engaged during the session.

* 7. It was easy for me to get actively involved during the session.

* 8. Please briefly describe the activities that were successful in allowing you to become actively involved.

* 9. The presenter(s) was (were) knowledgeable about the topic.

* 10. I will be able to apply what I learned in this session to my work.

* 11. We are interested in knowing if/how you apply what you learned in this session to your work. If you agree to be interviewed 6 months from now, would you please give us your name and email address in the box below?

* 12. I would recommend the presenter(s) to my peers.

* 13. The most important thing I learned in this session was...

* 14. Commendations or suggestions for improvement.

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