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The Deafblind Technical Assistance Team (DTAT) is offering opportunities to ask questions about student behaviors, communication, sensory issues, literacy strategies, assessment practices and anything else that you or your team finds challenging when working with a child who is deafblind. Teams working with students who are deafblind may have questions on the ways to support students at home, virtual, and changing school environments. A session is offered each month and is limited to one team per session.

The team may consist of parents, teachers, and educational service providers of children who are have dual sensory impairments.

Meetings will utilize Zoom distance technology.  A link to your session will be provided after registration.

Please complete the following registration information.

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* Please provide your team contact's complete name (first and last name).

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* Provide the student's name the team will be discussing.

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* Please share any specific questions you would like the DTAT group to address.

For more information you can contact Katy Ring, Project Coordinator at 712-310-4623 or

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