Parental Leave Hackathon

Work-life-balance is a myth for many parents. Parents in communications can be especially stressed. We’re looking to find practical ways to make parenting and working a bit more balanced, and we need your help.

First, please take three minutes to participate in our survey about parental leave and early parenthood at work.

The responses are totally anonymous and we’ll send you an comprehensive analysis of all the responses - and if you respond we’ll have a cute little gift for you at our event: “The Parent Traps: Hacking your way back into the workplace.” (Kids welcome, we’ll have childcare folks here.) 

The data we collect - in the survey and at the event -  will be an important part of creating new tactics for parenting changing workplaces.

Thanks for your participation,

Allyson Chisnall and Caitlin Kealey

PS.  Why we are doing this?

MediaStyle is excited to be part of the B-Corp Inclusion Challenge. As part of our response to the challenge we’ve committed to becoming more inclusive by increasing our advocacy for stable employment, fair wages and increased benefits. As part of that work, we have focused on parental leave, benefits and welcoming early parenthood into our workspaces.

* 1. What company do you work for?

* 2. What gender do you identify as?

* 3. Do you have childcare responsibilities? If so, how many children?

* 4. Have you ever accepted an offer or applied to job you didn’t really want, because the parental leave package was really good?

* 5. Have you ever turned down a job you really wanted, because there wasn’t an acceptable parental leave package?

* 6. Have your childcare responsibilities ever affected your career path in any other ways?

* 7. To your knowledge, have your childcare responsibilities ever negatively affected the way your colleagues see you in the workplace?

* 8. How many employees does your workplace have?

* 9. What is the minimum number of weeks your company gives you off over and above the government minimum? If you don’t know, it should be easily found information in an employee handbook.

* 10. Does your workplace offer a “top-up” to the Employment Insurance payments offered by the government? A “top-up” is when your employer subsidizes what you are paid by the Canadian government on maternity leave.

* 11. What % of your gross income do you receive for this additional time off

* 12. How long will your company hold your full time position open for you after you have a child?

* 13. Does your workplace offer any special bonuses or privileges in lieu of a top up?

* 14. Does your workplace offer any bonuses, accommodations, privileges when parents return to work? Choose as many as apply.

* 15. Do you have any new ideas about parental leave you would like to share with us in advance of the event?

* 16. If you have access to it, please cut and paste your employee parental leave policies below.