* 1. Are you already familiar with Miner Institute and it's programs? (if not, please check out www.whminer.org to learn more!)

* 2. Indicate how you are associated with horses. Examples: equine professional, recreational horse owner, horse admirer, parent of a horse lover, equine student, etc.  We are also interested in your age and location.

* 3. Have you visited or interacted with Miner Institute in some way in the past?

* 4. Would you be more likely to seek out Miner for demonstration or education opportunities if there was an indoor arena and attached viewing room/classroom?

* 5. Please rate the following options in terms of importance to you on a scale of 1-5 and your likelihood to attend if held at Miner Institute.  1=poor, 5=excellent.

* 6. We are looking for ways to better reach people interested in learning about equine management. Please fill in Yes/No and any comments too. 

* 7. What sorts of programs or activities do you think would be most beneficial to North Country residents in terms of better engaging and informing them about horses and other agricultural issues?

* 8. How could Miner Institute better serve the equine industry as a whole in terms of education, research and demonstration?

* 9. This survey is meant to be anonymous, but if you're willing to be contacted as a follow up, please include your name and contact information here.