Black Muslim Initiative + Project Purpose

Black Muslim Initiative (BMI)

The Black Muslim Initiative is a grass-roots advocacy and social support organization dedicated to understanding and addressing issues pertaining to both anti-Black racism/prejudice and Islamophobia. We do this by: a) developing and supporting educational initiatives that enhance knowledge of both Black and Muslim issues (including Black Muslim issues); b) collaborating with like-minded institutions/organisations; and c) providing resource support and bridging opportunities. BMI is firmly rooted in traditional Islamic practices and concepts and remains committed to following in the footsteps of the Prophet’s (pbuh) legacy of addressing social injustice, marginalization and exclusion.

Black Muslim Experiences in Traditional Muslim Spaces:

The goal of this project is two-fold: 1) to conduct a survey of Black Muslim experiences in traditional Muslim environments (ex. Muslim organization, Masjids/Mosques, etc.). This project is intended to benefit the Black Muslim community in Ontario and is to be used as a resource guide when conducting advocacy and community development work and 2) To support ongoing advocacy work that intersects with the lived experiences of Black Muslims. The survey seeks to assist the broader Muslim community in moving beyond anecdotal or one-off stories and/or approaches to addressing anti-Black racism and discrimination within our community.
6% of survey complete.