ACIPC National Sharps Injury Survey

Thank you for participating in this survey.

The ACIPC Executive and ACIPC Research Committee have approved an Ethics Committee-approved proposal by Terry Grimmond , Jane Woodley and Nicole Vause to conduct an electronic survey of members to determine the national incidence of sharps injuries.

Currently, annual parenteral exposure data from the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards shows a declining sharps injury incidence in Australian hospitals. The data, expressed as “bed days” allows excellent trend comparisons within Australia but does not allow comparison with incidence data from other countries.

Recent research indicates Australia’s adoption of safety engineered devices is less than that of other developed countries, but without identical denominators, it has not been possible to determine whether Australian HCW are at lessor or greater risk of sharps injury than their colleagues overseas.

The data will assist healthcare facilities, health departments and interest groups such as ‘Sharps Alliance’ in their endeavours to reduce exposure incidence among Australian HCW.

The simple 11 question survey is open for 2 months and all members in all states and territories are encouraged to participate.

Our aim is 150 hospitals and 50 non-hospital healthcare facilities.
Points to remember; 
# You may first want to ask Finance/Human Resources for answers to Q7-9. 
# All data is confidential and no facility will be named 
# Data from ALL HCF is needed (hosp, aged care, community, ambulance, GP, etc)
# If a Q is not applicable to your facility – write “NA”
# If more than one hospital in your group, please submit each hospital separately
If more detail or clarity is required please contact Terry Grimmond at