United Way of Central New Brunswick is committed to the most marginalized in our community and we recognize the increased risk and disadvantage that poverty creates.

With this in mind, we will take a phased approach to disbursing the donations received through the Atlantic Compassion Fund.

Tier 1, which this application has been designed for, will address the most pressing needs of those most marginalized (as determined by service providers) and support your efforts to meet immediate and basic needs. These funds will be available to registered charities serving community members in Central New Brunswick (this includes Carleton, Madawaska, Northumberland, Queens, Restigouche, Sunbury, Victoria, and York counties).

Atlantic Compassion Fund - Tier 1 - Emergency Preparedness

Focus: Immediate needs unavailable through other means providing access to: 
  1. Food
  2. Safe Transportation
  3. Medication
  4. Social and Mental Health Supports

Eligible expenses: 
  • Adequate supply of food, cleaning supplies, personal items, protective equipment/clothing
  • Delivery costs
  • Adequate supply of medication
  • Funds for check in calls, small gatherings as deemed safe
  • Other preparation and immediate need support will be considered
  1. Charitable organization serving those most marginalized by poverty and COVID-19
  2. Is focused on COVID-19 preparation and risk management
  3. Meets an immediate need
  4. Fills a gap
Grant maximum $5,000

If you have any questions, please get in touch:
Faith McFarland, (506) 459-7773 ext. 202 | faith@unitedwaycentral.com