* 1. What is your bust measurement [in cm]?

* 2. What is your waist measurement [in cm]?

* 3. What is your hip measurement [in cm]?

* 4. What is your height [in cm]?

* 5. How many sizes do you think a lolita clothing range should offer, if all clothing items have shirring so each set size accommodates a range of measurements?

* 6. What are your thoughts on a lolita clothing range offering some items in a limited range of sizes while others come in a wider range? For example, one piece dresses only come in S, M and L while skirts come in all sizes from XXS to XXL.

* 7. Do you think it's important for an indie brand to offer custom sizing?

* 8. What do you think is a fair fee for custom sizing? Answer in any currency, I can convert it :)