BRRIT Performance Survey


The Bay Restoration Regulatory Integration Team (BRRIT) and the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority (Authority) want feedback from project applicants and permittees about the BRRIT permitting process. The survey is open to the entire project applicant team and can be completed multiple times during any stage of the application or pre-application process. Please complete a separate survey for each project. Responses will be analyzed by the BRRIT and Authority on an ongoing basis.
1.How many projects have you brought to the BRRIT?
2.How many non-BRRIT projects have you had permitted in the San Francisco Bay?
3.Describe the project phase (check all that apply):
4.Describe the project type (check all that apply):
5.Describe the project scale
6.What were your initial expectations about the BRRIT before starting the process (check all that apply)?
7.Do you prefer in-person or virtual meetings?
8.Were BRRIT meetings long enough to address project permitting needs?
9.How many times did you meet with the BRRIT?
10.Was the BRRIT available to meet with you as often as needed?
11.What improvements to the meeting format would you recommend, if any?

Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements regarding BRRIT communications, responsiveness, and accessibility of information (1= strongly disagree; 4=strongly agree)
12.I found the BRRIT website to be helpful for our project permit application development.
13.The BRRIT responded in a timely manner to requests for information, and submittals of application information.
14.Permitting requirements, efficiencies, and strategies (e.g., programmatic permits) for multi-benefit restoration projects were well-communicated by the BRRIT.
15.The BRRIT effectively elevated critical inter-agency permitting issues to Policy Management Committee (PMC)/management.
16.What improvements to the BRRIT communications would you recommend, if any?

Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements regarding permit timelines (1= strongly disagree; 4=strongly agree)
17.Permits were issued in time to meet planned construction timelines.
18.The project was significantly delayed due to the BRRIT process.
19.The project was significantly delayed due to external non-BRRIT factors.
20.If your project was delayed due to non-BRRIT factors, what were the reasons? Check all that apply.
21.Did using the BRRIT make the permitting process more/less/the same in terms of efficiency and speed?
22.Do you suspect using BRRIT resulted in a better project (i.e., more beneficial to species/habitats, recreating public, flood protection, water quality)?
23.Did the BRRIT staff provide integrated and cross-agency guidance to resolve policy conflicts, if any?
24.Were BRRIT comments helpful and did they clearly communicate the agencies’ information needs and permitting requirements?
25.Please provide anything else you want to add or would like to share.
26.Thank you for participating in this survey. The San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority staff and partners would like to conduct brief (30-minute) 1-on-1 interviews with as many project proponents as possible. Please provide contact information for project participant(s) who may want to participate in the follow-up interviews. (List of 1-on-1 survey targets)
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