Ashlée Dawn Photography has received a grant from the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance to gather photos of locals in the East Kootenay. We will be collecting stories and photographing community members who are recommended by others. This is where we need your help.

When thinking about the people in your community consider who has been a personal role model, been involved in many areas of the community, made a difference locally, provincially or nationally, been around for many years, and/or has become synonymous with your town.

The only restrictions to who you can suggest is they must be alive and currently live in the East Kootenay Region. Feel free to do this survey multiple times to give suggestions for each town you feel a part of.

Thank you for participating in this project!

* 1. Which community are filling this in for?

* 2. Who, in your community, has been an influence in your life?

* 3. Who stands out in the local education field (eg. teacher, principal, support worker, counsellor, early childhood educator, etc.)?

* 4. Who is a stand out politician or community leader?

* 5. When the name of your town is mentioned, who is the eldest person in your community that comes to mind?

* 6. Who is a musician/actor/author of significance to you in your community?

* 7. Who is a young person making change in your community?

* 8. What is a place, building, monument, animal, etc. that stands out as being a part of your community?

* 9. What business or business owner helps contribute to the community?

* 10. Who stands out in the local athletic field (eg. coach, athlete, assistant, teacher, etc.)?