The National Bail Out Collective: Survey on Bail

The National Bail Out Collective is writing a report on the bail system in the United States. We are looking for people who have been impacted by bail who want to share their experiences with us. 

This survey is for you if: 
  1. You have ever been arrested, and had bail set for you (whether you were or were not able to pay), or
  2. You have ever paid bail, or paid a bonds company, for a loved one (a family member, partner, friend, or other).
  3. You have both been arrested and paid bail for a loved one. Many people may have both been arrested, and paid bail for a loved one. You are invited to answer questions that relate to both experiences. 
If this is you, please read the following before you consent:

You are being asked to participate in this research because of your experience and knowledge. The questions will cover the financial, emotional, physical, and other impacts of your experience being arrested, held on bail, or paying bail for a loved one. Please consider the following information carefully before deciding whether or not to participate in this research: 
  • Your participation in this study is confidential. Your name will NOT be shared outside of the Research Team for the National Bail Out Collective. You can also choose not to provide your name or email address. 
  • Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. You may stop during the survey at any time. We recognize some of the questions we ask may raise difficult or emotional issues. Take your time.
  • There are no anticipated risks associated with participating in this study. Your name and any other identifying information will NOT be shared with anyone outside of The National Bail Out Collective and research team members. We will take every precaution we can to ensure that this study will not negatively affect you or your loved ones in any way. 
  • There are no immediate direct benefits to you for participating in the survey. At the end of the study we will write a report, which will document the experiences of all those who participate in the study. The report will provide important information on how the bail system in the United States is impacting communities, especially communities of Black people. 

Some extra (helpful) information
  • Bail is a guarantee (usually in the form of money) that a court may require someone who has been arrested to post as a condition of their release. Although bail is usually in the form of money, it can take many forms such as requiring property or collateral.
  • A bail bond is a contract between an agent (usually a bail bonds company) and the court, that secures the release of a person who is being held on bail.

Question Title

* 1. Do you consent to taking our survey?

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* 2. Have you ever been arrested and had a bail set for you?

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* 3. Have you ever paid bail, or paid a bail bonds company, to get someone else (a friend, family member, or other) out of jail?

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* 4. Did you pay bail in your capacity as a volunteer or organizer for a Bail Out effort?