* 1. How do you get your Visalia Rawhide information? (select all that apply)

* 2. How is the overall ballpark experience this year compared with previous years?

* 3. How was your experience at the following locations?

  Poor Fair Average Good Excellent
Ticket Office
Entrance Gates
Merchandise Store
Seating Areas (Ushers)

* 4. Please rate the following:

  Poor Fair Average Good Excellent
Food & Beverage Quality
Food & Beverage Variety
Food & Beverage Pricing
Ballpark Staff
On-Field Games/Entertainment

* 5. Which factors keep you from attending games? (select all that apply)

* 6. How many games have you attended this season?

* 7. Did you attend/plan to attend any of these ballpark events this year? (mark all that apply)

* 8. Please rate your overall experience attending games in 2017:

  Poor Fair Average Good Excellent

* 9. Any additional comments?