DWA Feedback Survey

Dressage WA is conducting a review into the way that it operates and the opportunities available to riders, clubs, supporters, coaches, officials and judges.
Moving forward, the committee wants to ensure that members feel that they are well represented on matters that are important to them, and that funding is directed appropriately.
Dressage WA is a voluntary, sport discipline sub-committee of Equestrian Western Australia. 
DWA is responsible for:
  • Representing WA dressage riders, coaches, officials and supporters at all levels;
  • Representing and supporting EWA-affiliated clubs that hold dressage events in WA;
  • Representing WA dressage at a national level;
  • Administering the Dressage Development Fund, which collects levies applied to all competitive and participant competitions, and reinvesting this funding into the sport to encourage participation and growth at all levels;
  • Making recommendations on rule changes and contributing to the formulation of rules through the Australian Dressage Committee (ADC);
  • Upholding dressage judge integrity within the framework of the Equestrian Australia Officiating Scheme by providing judge education, mentoring, upgrading, examination and maintenance of judge accreditation through the Dressage Judges Task Force (DJTF);
  • Approving grading and down-grading of horses/ponies;
  • Maintaining and approving the state dressage calendar in conjunction with EWA;
  • Running the annual State Dressage Championships;
  • Producing a monthly newsletter and hosting an informative website; and
  • Holding regular riders’ forums to inform future planning.
Our vision is to create an inclusive culture for all dressage riders, supporters, officials and enthusiasts.
Please note that the information collected in this survey is stored outside Australia.

* 1. What's your involvement with dressage in WA?

* 2. How would you rate your personal experience with DWA?

* 3. Why did you give that score?

* 4. What do you believe DWA should be doing into the future to increase your level of satisfaction?

* 5. What is the most important area for DWA's funds to be invested in, moving forward?

* 6. In the area you selected in question 5, how would you like to see the funds used?

* 7. Is there anything new you would like to see on DWA's website or Facebook page?

* 8. Is there any additional feedback you would like to give to DWA?

* 9. If you would like to be contacted regarding your answers, please enter your email address below:

Please feel free to contact the DWA committee at any time via the DWA website or check out our Facebook Page.