The Pennsylvania Statewide Afterschool/Youth Development Network (PSAYDN) has introduced Pennsylvania's most comprehensive database tracking Out-of-School Time (OST) programs, licensed school-age child care centers and STEM-rich institutions in an online, searchable format. 

The database includes these features: 

1. Out-of-school time program directory. 
2. STEM-Rich Institution directory. OST programs can use this database to search for resources and services to support their work. 
3.  Overlay features of the congressional district and school district lines, state parks and PA museums.

Wish to register your STEM-Rich Institution?  Please fill out the following short survey.  Please review the following glossary terms prior to filling out the survey as PSAYDN will use it to determine consideration to be added to the map.

OST Out-of-School Time Program - before or afterschool, holidays, weekends or summer, educational preK-12 programs 

STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Math 

STEM-Rich Institution or other entities e.g. (Business, College, Community Based Organization, Foundation, Government Agency, Library, Museum) with resources and STEM expertise to share. Resources might be volunteers, instructional curriculums or presentations, field trip visits, income in kind, donated equipment or funds, etc. 

Partnership - Committed relationship in which agreed upon educational services, income or income-in kind are provided to an OST program in return for SRI program access, name and brand acknowledgment in publications and introduction to the potential future workforce 

Resources - Resources might be volunteers, instructional curriculums or presentations, field trip visits, income in kind or donated equipment or funds.

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