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We'd like to hear your views

We are all looking forward to a time when we can travel out of our houses without concern for the health of our loved ones.  When that time comes, we will be able to support the businesses that have worked so hard to survive in recent months.

Revitalising the town centre is of huge importance for Crewe and is central to our government bid for Towns Fund money.  Retail still has to be a big part of Crewe, with help from local Businesses as well as national names.  But we will need new features too, if we are to build back better.

People in Crewe have been telling us what they would like to see.   What is your view?

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* 1. What would you like to see in Crewe Town Centre? (please tick your top 3 choices)

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* 2. What do you think we should do to make Crewe Town Centre DIFFERENT to other local towns?

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* 3. What does Crewe Town Centre need MORE of?

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* 4. What does Crewe Town Centre need LESS of?

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