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Mother Lode Preschool Program Options 

Mother Lode Preschool is a co-op preschool that recently reopened in the First 5 building in Jackson, California. A co-op is a parent run and operated program where the parents volunteer in the classroom several days a month as part of their tuition. The parents are also responsible for running the school board, maintaining the school property, and hosting fundraisers and community events to help promote the school. The original program (Amador Cooperative Preschool) opened about 15 years ago. At the time of its start, there was a huge need for a co-op program in our community. The ACP closed for about 2 years as they looked for a new sponsor, a new teacher, and new board members. After opening the school back up in September of 2019, we started to see a decline in the interest of the co-op style program. In March we ended up closing our doors for a while along with the rest of the schools in the county, following the CDC guidelines for the COVID quarantine. We will be continuing to follow the school district and CDC to decide when to reopen our facility.  We are using this opportunity to make changes to our program to best suit the needs of the community. Currently, our program plan is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:15-1:15 for $275 per month plus three days a month volunteering in class. The class would be taught by a certified teacher who would follow a play-based curriculum that provides kindergarten readiness to the students. Would this program plan be a good fit for your family? If not, what would be the ideal preschool program for you? I would appreciate any feedback telling me what you prefer from a local preschool program. Thank you! Just respond to the statements below with a yes (if you agree) or no (if you do not agree). 

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* 1. If I were enrolling my child in MLPS I would like for the program to stay just the way it is. I am happy to volunteer my time in the classroom three days a month.

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* 2. If I were enrolling my child in MLPS I would like for the program hours to stay the same, but have a higher monthly tuition and no requirements for volunteering.

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* 3. If I were enrolling my child in MLPS I would like a full time program (M-F 8:15-1:15) that has a competitive tuition and involves some volunteer time.

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