NSA awards are a great way to recognize fellow NSA members for their contributions to the profession and to their communities.  If you know of a member who deserves to be honored with the Accountant of the Year or Young Professional of the Year award, please submit your nomination below.  

Accountant of the Year
The Accountant of the Year award recognizes an individual's service and contributions to the profession, to NSA or an Affiliated State Organization and public service (business and civic).

Who is Eligible? Any NSA member in good standing except members of the NSA Board of Governors.

Young Professional of the Year
This new award honors a young professional who is making a difference in the profession, who may be stepping forward in leadership and is enthusiastic about the future of our profession.

Who is Eligible? Young professionals are under 40 years old and/or are new to the industry (less than three years' experience). Nominees must also be NSA members in good standing.

Nominations will be accepted until July 7th

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