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This work has been approved by the Board of CAPG in an effort to:

1. Determine the police governance policy issues most important to CAPG for both current and emergent issues; and, 
2. Develop a research agenda focusing on police governance by asking about the research priorities in this area and the best means to get that knowledge.

This survey will inform the work of the Research and Policy Committee. This Committee, which has a mix of CAPG members and academics wants to try to focus attention and resources on the matters most important to CAPG members and academics working in the field of police governance.
Resources, money and time, are scarce to non-existent. However, funding opportunities exist for priority work. We cannot move forward to seeking such funding without a firm idea of the priority areas for members and the academic capacity to deliver on them.
We want to emphasize that we do not want to duplicate existing research and that many areas of policy and practice, while of concern to the police governance community, are the responsibility of others such as police agencies themselves. Our focus is primarily on police governance.
That being said, we cannot ignore those top-of-mind issues that police governors feel are important in policing. We are therefore looking for your views on the top policing policy and operational research needs as well. We will be able, when complete, to compare these outcomes to the views of your police executives, who recently completed a similar survey.

This survey is confidential and results will be reported at the aggregate level. We will need some background information on you, but none of it personalized. That information is meant to determine if there are different perspectives on these matters depending on such variables as geography, size of board and community served and length of time on a police board or commission.

All results will be submitted through the electronic survey tool and provided to CAPG at the aggregate level. There will be no individual identifiers. Results will be posted on the CAPG website and reported in a more detailed form at the CAPG Annual Conference.

* 4. Please indicate your position on the Board:

* 5. Are you an Executive Director?

* 6. PART II - The Governance Research Agenda
The governance challenge is central to the work of boards/commissioners. It should also be the core of the CAPG research and policy agenda. Therefore, what are the policy and research areas most significant to you and your fellow governors? A representative list is provided with ample space for you to add items.
Please indicate which are the topics that need immediate research attention, those that are important but less urgent and then research topics that are less urgent and can be addressed within a five-year timeframe.

Immediate Needs: Choose Three (3) and Prioritize.
These topics need immediate research attention as little is known or available.

* 7. Less Urgent: Choose Three (3) and Prioritize.
These topics are important but less urgent. Within a two year timeframe.

* 8. Longer Term: Choose Three (3) and Prioritize.
Within a five year timeframe.

* 9. PART III - The Policing Research Agenda
The issues below represent an array of policing issues that you as a Board/Commission member may want to know more about from research. The following have been identified as national priorities for the Canadian policing community.

For this question, please use the scale provided to reflect the extent to which you think these issues will affect or are currently affecting your organization (i.e., the Board and its Police Service).
A. Impact of Policing Issues

  Do not anticipate it will be a major issue: Not currently an issue but indicators are present: Expected to emerge within 2-3 years: Recently emerged within the last year: Already a major issue within the organization: Not Applicable
National Security
Cyber-crime & Technology
Legalization of Marijuana
Root Cause of  Homelessness
Mental Health & Wellness of Members
Policing Persons with Mental Illness
Public Trust & Confidence
Lawful Access to Information
Cooperation Across Pan-Canadian Jurisdictional Boundaries
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls
First Nations Issues in Urban Centres
Opioid Overdose
Domestic Violence
Technology Requirements for Officers

* 10. This list identifies the same set of national-level issues. However, in this issue, we would like you to prioritize them. As a minimum, please prioritize the top 5 that are or will impact your police service. This is a critical question to the outcome of the survey. You will be able to add other items to the next question.
B. Prioritizing Policing Issues

* 11. Please identify and briefly describe any issues and their priority ranking that should be considered by CAPG. If possible, please provide an indication regarding whether these additional priorities are already impacting your organization or are expected to emerge within the next two or three years.
C. Identifying Other Policing Issues

* 12. Sometimes decisions have to be made before the necessary and supporting research can be completed. We would like to gather feedback concerning urgent policing issues that are currently affecting your police service and which will need to be addressed before research can reasonably be completed. Please be as specific as possible.
D. Policy Issues Where Research is Not Possible