Purpose: Meeting the vision for Salt Lake City's future

Plan Salt Lake is the citywide vision that will help guide the City into the future. Plan Salt Lake will bring together all of the existing citywide policies and help the residents, business owners, visitors, and City decision makers make decisions today that impact tomorrow.

The five areas listed below were chosen based upon their importance to everyone in Salt Lake City. The statements below were developed from public comments, analysis of existing conditions within Salt Lake City, the Mayor's Livability Agenda, City Council Philosophy Statements, and other existing city plans. They will help determine the best methods to achieve the vision for Salt Lake City's future.

Review each of the five areas below. Then tell us the best way to reach each vision by selecting one of the ideas listed, or by writing your own idea.


* 1. Transportation - options and choices

Why: Increased mobility options; Reduction of engine emissions; Improved air quality; Support for healthy lifestyle choices; Improved public safety; Reduced deterioration of streets; Improved accessibility and affordability of transportation options


* 2. Neighborhoods - central to quality of life

Why: Preservation and enhancement of where we live; Social and economic diversity; Healthy environments fosters healthy residents; Ensure interaction and cooperation within community


* 3. Resources - limit impacts and encourage preservation of natural environment

Why: Quality of life; Personal health; Economic health; Unique natural setting; Accessibility and proximity of recreational sites and opportunities; Water quality; Air quality; Quality of human and natural habitats; Conserve resources for future generations


* 4. Future Growth - right growth in right places

Why: Protect environment; Support business community; Provide housing choices; Support transit; Protect tax base; Provide jobs


* 5. Economic Development - diversity of business types and scales

Why: Availability of jobs and services; Satisfy needs of residents and businesses; Security of tax base; Attract visitors; Regional economic leadership; and Quality of life