Create Your Own Pollinator Friendly Bee-U-Tify Garden!

Pollinators are important. Your commitment to protecting our environment, economic resources, and recreational lands from noxious weeds does not need to come at the expense of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

If you have recently cleared noxious weeds from your property and are wondering what to plant in their place or if you'd like to establish a healthy plant community in a managed area on your property to help prevent noxious weeds from invading at all, request a FREE packet of our Bee-U-Tify seed mix!

These packets contain blends of native species - one for eastern WA and one for western WA. These species, which are primarily perennial, take more tender loving care to grow but will reward you with longer lives and lovely flowers. There are also a few annuals in the current mix too. A a few of these species are toxic to livestock, so please plant these seeds in managed garden beds where livestock will not have access. Although the species are native to Washington, the combination of grassland, rangeland, and ornamental species used in the blends do not occur in the wild, so these seeds are intended for yards and gardens only. Please do not scatter them in natural areas. Learn more about our seed mix and how to care for your new Bee-U-Tify garden on our website:

For inquiries requesting a number of seed packets for educational events, classrooms, garden groups, and more, please email us at

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Once you submit this form, we will send out your seed packet! It may take 4-6 weeks to arrive in the mail. As with the beautiful flowers you'll get from these seeds, your patience will be rewarded!

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