Be part of the movement to achieve our North Star: Zero racial disparities in infant mortality by 2033 - Join the FLOURISH Community Leaders Cabinet.

What is the FLOURISH Community Leaders Cabinet?
St. Louis’ infant mortality rate (the death of babies under the age of one) is one of the worst in the U.S. — and Black babies are three times more likely to die before their first birthdays than white babies. The Community Leaders Cabinet works to better understand and improve the conditions in communities across the St. Louis region that lead to babies not thriving. The Cabinet will play a vital role in shaping how our region thinks about solutions. FLOURISH is committed to lifting up the voices of those most impacted by racial and social inequalities to generate solutions and drive change.

The Cabinet will:
  • Identify and determine FLOURISH’s core priorities
  • Promote community inclusion in funding priorities and influence decision-making efforts
  • Provide input into solutions that help black families flourish and thrive
  • Mobilize community networks to foster engagement and build resilience
Who Will Serve On The Cabinet?
  • Residents of St. Louis City or St. Louis County who care about our children and community’s future
  • Motivated moms and dads, community leaders from parent and neighborhood groups, doulas, community health workers and others with valuable lived experience
What Is Expected of Cabinet Members?
  • Attend regular Cabinet meetings (Cabinet meetings start April 1st)
  • Participate in tailored training and tools to support community decision-making and leadership roles
  • Guide and support community engagement and outreach activities
  • Build understanding of community needs, barriers and solutions for positive community change; and
  • Guide FLOURISH with solutions for achieving its’ North Star

 How Long Do I Serve on the Cabinet?
Members of the Community Leaders Cabinet are asked to make an 18-month commitment.

How Can I Join?
Interested persons shall submit their name, contact information, any gifts, talents and/or experiences that can benefit this effort and why you wish to serve on the FLOURISH Community Leaders Cabinet to Lora Gulley, Director of Mobilization and Advocacy at Application deadline: March 19, 2021 at 5pm.

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