The Long Point Biosphere is now accepting nominations for “Sustainable Tourism Ambassador Award”.

“Sustainable Tourism actively fosters appreciation and stewardship of the natural, cultural and historic resources and special places by local residents, the tourism industry, governments and visitors. It is tourism which is viable over the long term because it results in a net benefit for the social, economic, natural and cultural environments of the area in which it takes place.”

The Sustainable Tourism Ambassador Award honours leaders in sustainability whose businesses have made significant differences in the social, economic, natural and cultural environments of Norfolk County. 

Anyone can submit a nomination. You can nominate yourself.


Winner will be selected by the Long Point Biosphere's Board of Directors. Winner is announced on January 31, 2018, at the Norfolk County Economic Development Symposium in Vittoria. Decisions of the judges are final. Submissions must qualify based on the category guidelines.
Each question will be weighed equally. Up to 5 points for each question.
Nomination Deadline: December 18, 2017 at 4:30 p.m.

Question Title

* 1. Nominee Information
Please enter information about the person being nominated below.

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* 2. Nominated by:
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* 3. Social and Economic Leadership:

How does the nominee's project or business bring direct and tangible economic and social benefits to local people?

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* 4. Environmental and/or Cultural Leadership:

How does the nominee's project or business support cultural heritage and/or environmental best practice?

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* 5. Community Engagement:

How does the nominee engage and educate people about the goals and outcomes of the sustainable projects?

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* 6. Achievements:

What achievements are the nominee proud of related to sustainable tourism?