Please comment fully and openly in this anonymous survey. We value your input and thank you for taking the time to help our team improve our services for you.

* 1. Participation


* 2. Employment Advisor or Case Manager

* 3. How are we doing?

  Poor Fair Average Good Excellent
My connection with my Case Manager was timely (via email or phone etc.)?
I felt comfortable and able to communicate as I needed with my Case Manager?
I felt comfortable with the quality of service I was provided by my Case Manager?

* 4. Planning tools and resources

  Poor Fair Average Good Excellent
Rank how helpful and or realistic your Action Plan has been for achieving your employment goals?
Rank how helpful the resources you have received have been for achieving your employment goals?

* 5. How is NIEFS doing?

  Poor Fair Average Good Excellent
Rank how effective this service was in meeting your needs?
Rank whether you would encourage others to use our services?
Rank what your overall experience of the service?
Thank you for your time! 
We appreciate you helping to make our services even better!
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