This survey is designed to help the Writers’ Guild of Alberta (WGA) look into the future as programs and services for writers will increasingly be delivered online, and as the livelihoods of writers are rapidly evolving in the midst of a great upheaval across all sectors. As such, this survey is for anyone that is currently or aspires to be a writer in Alberta. If you are wondering if we want to hear from you, we probably do.
This survey was created in collaboration with Octagram, a software consultancy that provides strategic consulting services to a variety of arts organizations embarking on digital transformation initiatives, as part of a larger effort to improve the digitization of programs and services at the WGA.

Research Objective

Your participation in this survey will help us understand the different experiences members of Alberta’s literary community have in relation to information and communication technologies (anything we use to help us communicate and access the information we need), and also a chance to learn about the emergent interests and practices that members of this community are engaged in. There are multiple choice answers, as well as open-ended answers as we do not expect everyone’s needs and experiences to fit neatly into a box.
The findings from this survey will be used to help us design accessible programs and services that can be delivered remotely, featuring new content and topics that are relevant to writers of all backgrounds, experiences and interests.

This survey will close on Friday October 30, 2020. Please help us circulate this widely to reach as many members of Alberta's literary community as we can!