Could you please take this survey? It will help us a great deal in our academic research.

Please note that is a very general survey and it tries to find the meaning of asceticism in our current society.

* 1. What do you understand by Christian ascetic life, ascesis and asceticism?

* 2. How important is the ascetic life for you?

* 3. If you were given a spiritual recipe by your spiritual director (10 prayers, 30 prostrations, 40 minutes of meditation etc.) for each day, would you be willing to fulfill it?

* 4. What do you think is the purpose of Christian asceticism?

* 5. Do you believe there is a connection between holiness and the amount of ascetical practices?

* 6. Which is the relationship between external and internal asceticism?

* 7. What should be the balance between relaxation and spiritual tension:

* 8. Would you be interested in practicing certain forms of Christian meditation on a daily basis?

* 9. Choose from the list below the items that can represent new forms of asceticism relevant for today:

* 10. Choose all of the true statements for you: