Welcome to Rebuilding Together North Texas

We're a non-profit agency dedicated to bringing volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of homeowners in need.

Our work helps to preserve and revitalize homes, neighborhoods and communities. Together, this helps assure low-income homeowners can continue to live in safe, healthy homes with dignity.

Our service area is Dallas, Collin, Denton, Tarrant and Rockwall counties. We are unable to assist with homes outside of our service area.

To apply for assistance, please begin by answering the 9 questions in our Phase 1 Client Application. Next steps are detailed at the end of the survey. Thank you for contacting us!

* 1. What is your Name?

* 2. What is your street address? (You must live in Dallas, Collin, Denton, Tarrant, or Rockwall county to be considered)

* 3. What is your housing status?

* 4. Please mark all items that apply to you:

* 5. How much total combined money did all members of your household earn last year? 

* 6. With what home repairs do you need assistance?

* 7. How did you hear about Rebuilding Together?

* 8. What is the best way to contact you?

* 9. How many other people live in your home? Is there anything else we should know about your situation?

* 10. Thank you for completing Phase 1 of our Client Application. All Phase 1 Applications are reviewed. If we do not have funding to match your project, we will send you a green postcard, letting you know that we will keep your application active in our files for one year. If your application matches with a funding source, we'll contact you for a phone interview. We are currently accepting applications for 2018. All projects for 2017 have been selected.

If your home needs sound like a project we can take on, we'll ask you to start Phase 2 of the application process. 

Phase 2 applications require you to provide quite a bit of paperwork. This includes, proof of income, proof of home ownership, proof of veteran/disability status, government-issued ID, a waiver to allow us to work in your home, as well as a media waiver.

Once we have all the paperwork completed for Phase 2, we'll assign your home to a Project Manager who will come visit your home. The Project Manager will review the home repair needs, take photographs of your home repair needs, develop a material list for the work that needs to be done, and a project budget to be submitted to our Project Committee.

The Project Committee will review your complete file and determine if the project is suitable for Rebuilding Together North Texas. If it is NOT a suitable project, we will send you a letter letting you know we're not able to help. If it is a suitable project, we will work together to find a date to start your repairs. 

Thank you for applying with Rebuilding Together North Texas. WE LOVE HELPING OUR NEIGHBORS!