Nominations are being called for the following Maccabi Awards for achievements in the 2017 Calendar year. Nominations are for the NSW Maccabi Club Awards and NSW Outstanding Jewish Awards. Winners of the NSW Outstanding Jewish Awards will then eligible to receive the Maccabi Australia Award in that category. Nominations close January 31 2018

Please note that you can save the form and return to it later. You will need the following information to proceed:

* Nominee's personal and contact information
* A head & shoulder photo of the nominee
* Details of any relevant international, national, state, club/school achievements of the nominee
* Verification documentation files or website URLs of these achievements
* Nominee background information
Maccabi Awards – to be eligible for a Maccabi Award items 1-3 above, the individual must be a Maccabi member who either represents a Maccabi club or achieves/competes at a Maccabi sanctioned event. Only those performances achieved with the Maccabi Club or at the Maccabi event will be considered. An exception will be made where there is no opportunity to compete in regular competition for a Maccabi Club e.g. swimming, lawn bowls, golf, and the like, whereby an individual must simply be a member of the relevant Maccabi Club to be eligible..

He/ she must be an Eligible Person as defined in the Maccabi Australia constitution as “a person who is Jewish, or who has a Jewish parent”.

Outstanding Jewish Awards - to be eligible for an Outstanding Jewish Award the individual must be Jewish and may or may not be a Maccabi member but must be competing and achieving in a non-Maccabi environment or event.

Junior Awards – to be eligible for a Junior award, the individual must be competing as a junior as defined by the sporting body/event and/or be 18 and under at the time of the achievement.

Masters Awards– to be eligible for a Masters award, the individual must be competing as a master as defined by that sporting body/event or be 50 or over at the time of achievement.

All Abilities Award - the All Abilities award is open to individuals of any age and disability.

Team of the Year - Amongst other requirements, each nomination must be by a Maccabi NSW affiliated club, each nominee being a current financial member of the nominating club. The nominating Club must have no outstanding affiliation fees to Maccabi NSW and not be in breach of its constitution.

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* 1. Nominee Information

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* 4. NOMINEE'S BACKGROUND (100-150 words)
Tell us about the nominee, both personally and as it relates to this nomination. Please note that excerpts from this background will be used in communications, so please ensure information is precise and accurate.