Envision the Rural Rogue Valley . . .

Farm and forest lands across the country are in increasingly short supply, in large part due to urban development. The Rogue Valley has a particularly limited supply of farmland, and the best farmland is concentrated near urban areas. Our region's farmlands (and to a certain extend forestlands) face pressure from urban development too. Jackson County, for example, stands to lose an additional 7,000 acres of farmland to urbanization if the "Greater Bear Creek Regional Problem Solving Plan," or "RPS" plan is approved.

Now is the time to create a strategy to protect our best remaining resource lands! Luckily, many tools exist that communities across the country have used to preserve and protect farm (and forest) lands. Below are questions focusing on which tools should we be using to conserve farmland and forestland in the Rogue Valley. We'd love to hear from you about which tools make sense for our region!

* 1. First, please tell us a bit about the ways you’re involved in or support local agriculture. Please select all that apply:

* 2. We’d love you to tell us why supporting local agriculture is important to you: