1. Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence (C2E2) EMS Survey

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your insights with C2E2 in this survey of Environmental Management System (EMS) practices.

Respondents who complete this survey will be eligible to win $500 toward travel expenses or registration for attendance at one of the following pre-approved meetings/conferences: The purpose of this survey is to:
  • Identify successful practices with respect to implementing EMS elements in higher education
  • Identify specific challenges and benefits of EMS from respondents who have implemented an EMS in an academic setting
  • Understand significant trends and changes in the status, use and scope of campus Environmental Management Systems since 2006
  • Determine if a campus EMS framework is being used, in any capacity, to support, coordinate or communicate campus sustainability efforts, or it is part of a broader institutional risk management initiative
An Environmental Management System is defined as the part of an overall management system consisting of a documented framework that:
  • Includes a policy statement
  • Sets goals and objectives and monitors performance
  • Has a defined scope (e.g., what environmental impacts and programs are specifically covered)
  • Assigns specific management responsibilities for defined environmental impacts and programs
  • Shares performance information with key parties for the purpose of program and management system improvements
Should you have any difficulty in taking this survey, please send an email to: carlidon [at] gmail [dot] com

NOTE: Questions marked with * require an answer.
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