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Michigan’s food and agriculture workforce traditionally consisted of self-employed and family members, but the trend is showing a sharp increase in the need to hire additional labor within the food and agriculture sector.

With an increased demand for hired labor, housing has become a major issue in Michigan. The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) has created a Food and Agriculture Housing Task Force and will be delving into the housing needs throughout the state.

This survey will help identify the needs of food and ag businesses, the potential challenges within local communities, and how the department can be a catalyst for identifying regional solutions. This is an anonymous survey. Your responses will be aggregated and no one individual will be identified.

This survey should take about 10-15 minutes.

Key phrases used in this survey and their intended definition:
Food and Agriculture Housing – refers to rental or owned properties in which employees of the food and agriculture sector could or would reside.  Such properties include, but not limited to, transitional housing, affordable housing, single family dwellings, multi-family dwellings, permanent housing, or manufactured homes.
Housing – refers to rental or owned properties in which a person(s) lives.  Food and agriculture housing would fall in this definition.